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Name Code Type
A Pacific Reader ENGL503 Course
Academic Communication: Conventions and Expectations COMM570 Course
Academic English 1 ESOL405 Course
Academic English 2 ESOL501 Course
Academic English 2, Listening ESOL502 Course
Academic English 2, Reading ESOL503 Course
Academic English 2, Writing ESOL504 Course
Academic English 3 ESOL511 Course
Academic Literacies for CST LSKL401 Course
Adult Literacy: Contemporary Perspectives EDUC831 Course
Adult Literacy: Teaching Strategies EDUC833 Course
Adult Numeracy: Contemporary Perspectives EDUC832 Course
Advanced Chinese Oral CHIN704 Course
Advanced Health Interpreting TRIN705 Course
Advanced Health Studies / Interpreting and Translation TRIN704 Course
Advanced Health Translation TRIN706 Course
Advanced Legal Interpreting TRIN708 Course
Advanced Legal Studies/Interpreting & Translation TRIN702 Course
Advanced Legal Translation TRIN703 Course
Applied Project EDUC995 Course
Business Chinese CHIN711 Course
Chinese 1 CHIN503 Course
Chinese for Business CHIN702 Course
Chinese II CHIN601 Course
Chinese III CHIN701 Course
Chinese Research Paper CHIN705 Course
Chinese V CHIN703 Course
Classroom Practice LNGT602 Course
CLTA Methodology & Practice LNGT601 Course
Comparative Analysis of English & NZSL NZSL703 Course
Contemporary Approaches and Issues in Language Teaching & Focus on Language Teaching LNGT900 Course
Contemporary Chinese Society CHIN605 Course
Contemporary Language Studies ENGL500 Course
Creative Project COMM720 Course
Creative Writing CWRT501 Course
Creative Writing I: Voices CWRT602 Course
Creative Writing Project CWRT700 Course
Creative Writing Project II CWRT702 Course
Creative Writing: Storylines CWRT603 Course
Critical Media Studies ENGL501 Course
Critical Thinking, Analysis and Argument: Hospitality COMM800 Course
Current Issues in the Deaf World NZSL702 Course
Curriculum Design and Assessment LNGT802 Course
Deaf Community and Culture 1 NZSL502 Course
Deaf Community and Culture II NZSL602 Course
Discourse Analysis LING812 Course
East Asian Values and Beliefs CLSY701 Course
English-Chinese Translation 1 (not for students who have completed CHIN602 Chinese Grammar) CHIN607 Course
English-Chinese Translation 2 CHIN706 Course
Film Club: Flashforward CLSY501 Course
Game Narrative and Interactive Storytelling ENMS803 Course
Global English ENGL700 Course
Graduate Academic Writing COMM701 Course
i-Research COMM700 Course
iCommunicate COMM600 Course
Int Chinese Oral CHIN604 Course
Integrated Chinese I CHIN610 Course
Intensive Literacy and Numeracy 1 ESOL101 Course
Intensive Literacy and Numeracy 2 ESOL102 Course
Intensive Literacy and Numeracy 3 ESOL103 Course
Intensive Literacy and Numeracy 4 ESOL104 Course
Intensive Literacy and Numeracy 5 ESOL105 Course
Intensive Literacy and Numeracy 6 ESOL106 Course
Intercultural Competence CLSY502 Course
Intercultural Competence in a Global World CLSY601 Course
Intermediate Chinese CHIN612 Course
Interpreting: A Critical Approach TRIN801 Course
Introduction to Academic English ESOL401 Course
Introduction to Academic English, Listening ESOL402 Course
Introduction to Academic English, Reading ESOL403 Course
Introduction to Academic English, Writing ESOL404 Course
Introduction to Chinese Culture CHIN606 Course
Introduction to Chinese I CHIN501 Course
Introduction to Chinese II CHIN502 Course
Introduction to Cook Islands Maori - Te Reo Ipukarea CMAO500 Course
Introduction to Gagana Samoa I - Samoan Language SAMO500 Course
Introduction to Japanese 1 JAPA501 Course
Introduction to Japanese 2 JAPA502 Course
Introduction to Translation TRIN502 Course
iReflect COMM610 Course
iWrite COMM500 Course
Japanese 1A JAPA503 Course
Japanese 1B JAPA601 Course
Japanese Authentic Reading JAPA705 Course
Japanese for Formal Contexts JAPA702 Course
Japanese for Specific Purposes JAPA707 Course
Japanese II JAPA602 Course
Japanese Language and Oral Competency JAPA701 Course
Japanese Language and Social Trends JAPA704 Course
Japanese Language in Practice I JAPA610 Course
Japanese Language in Practice II JAPA710 Course
Japanese Language in the Global World JAPA706 Course
Japanese Oral Interaction JAPA712 Course
Japanese Religions and the Samurai JAPA703 Course
Japanese Society and Culture JAPA605 Course
Japanese Written Interaction JAPA711 Course
Kanji 1 JAPA603 Course
Kanji II JAPA604 Course
Korean Language and Culture 1 KORE500 Course
Korean Language and Culture 2 KORE501 Course
Language Analysis LING810 Course
Language and Communication ENGL601 Course
Language and Culture Research Methods CLSY801 Course
Language in Society ENGL603 Course
Language in Virtual Worlds: Presence, Theory, Practice ENMS802 Course
Language Teaching and Learning LNGT600 Course
Language, Culture and Communication LING811 Course
Listening and Note Taking Skills LSKL503 Course
Literature/Desire ENGL600 Course
Modern Rhetoric ENGL702 Course
Multilingualism, Diversity and Intercultural Communication CLSY802 Course
New Literatures ENGL701 Course
New Media Performance and Practice ENMS801 Course
New Zealand Sign Language and Deaf Culture 1B NZSL512 Course
NZSL 1 NZSL501 Course
NZSL and Deaf Culture 1A NZSL511 Course
NZSL Interpreting I - Dialogic Interactions NZSL704 Course
NZSL Interpreting II Monologic Interactions NZSL705 Course
NZSL Interpreting III - Advanced Interpreting Techniques NZSL706 Course
NZSL Interpreting Practicum Experience I Observations NZSL707 Course
NZSL Interpreting Practicum Experience II - Professional Practice NZSL708 Course
NZSL IV NZSL701 Course
Oral Discourse for Interpreting TRIN501 Course
Oral Interaction & Presentation Skills LSKL504 Course
Popular Genres ENGL602 Course
Principles and Practice of Translation and Interpreting TRIN701 Course
Programme Planning & Assessment EDUC903 Course
Project: Asia-Pacific Language and Culture CLSY803 Course
Reading for Academic Purposes LSKL502 Course
Reading New Zealand ENGL502 Course
Reading Skills ESOL411 Course
Reflective Practice Project LNGT995 Course
Societal Contexts for Interpreters and Translators TRIN604_ONLINE Course
Societal Contexts for Interpreters and Translators TRIN604 Course
Spanish 1A SPAN501 Course
Spanish 1B SPAN502 Course
Spanish 2A SPAN601 Course
Spanish 2B SPAN602 Course
Speak Chinese I CHIN511 Course
Speak Chinese II CHIN611 Course
Speak Japanese I JAPA511 Course
Speciality Reading Paper LING820 Course
Study Abroad Cooperative Education CLSY712 Course
Telephone and Video Conferencing TRIN707 Course
Tertiary English and Academic Literacies (TEAL) LSKL402 Course
Tertiary English and Critical Thinking CST LSKL403 Course
The Language Learner LNGT801 Course
Theory and Practice of Interpreting TRIN603 Course
Translation Skills: Analysis, Appropriateness and Accuracy TRIN601 Course
Undergraduate Writing for Academic Purposes COMM510 Course
WeSpeak: Pronunciation, Phonology and Effective Communication COMM651 Course
Writing and Referencing LSKL501 Course
Written Chinese I CHIN504 Course
Written Chinese II CHIN603 Course

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