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Name Code Type
Advanced Psychological Inquiry PSYC783 Course
Advanced Social Theory SOSC882 Course
Advanced Theory in Social and Developmental Psychology PSYC880 Course
Aotearoa & Pacific Studies SOSC482 Course
Applied Economics and Finance ECON880 Course
Applied Issues in Cultural and Social Psychology PSYC781 Course
Applied Media Ethics PHIL580 Course
Applied Research Project SOSC997 Course
Asian and Pacific Issues POLS780 Course
Borders, Boundaries and Globalisation SOSC681 Course
Cognitive Psychology PSYC681 Course
Conflict Resolution and Human Rights CONF681 Course
Contemporary Issues in Developmental Psychology PSYC882 Course
Contemporary Issues in Social Psychology PSYC881 Course
Crime and Deviance CRIM784 Course
Criminology and Criminal Justice CRIM580 Course
Democratic Participation and Social Action POLS782 Course
Economics and Society ECON480 Course
Emotions and Human Nature PSYC780 Course
Ethics and Social Justice SOSC886 Course
Ethics and Society PHIL680 Course
Families & Communities SOSC680 Course
Foundations in Psychological Inquiry PSYC683 Course
Globalisation, Innovation and Change SOSC782 Course
Human Development and Social Behaviour PSYC480 Course
Human Rights Communication and Advocacy: Theory and Practice SOSC804 Course
Human Rights in a Global Context SOSC801 Course
Human Rights in New Zealand: History, Institutions and Impact SOSC802 Course
Human Rights Policy and Analysis SOSC805 Course
Human Rights Research Methods SOSC806 Course
Individuals and Identities PSYC680 Course
International Relations POLS781 Course
Introduction to Economics ECON580 Course
Introduction to Psychology A PSYC580 Course
Introduction to Sociology 285702 Course
Living in Aotearoa New Zealand SOSC480 Course
Methods of Social Research SOSC682 Course
Multicultural Communities SOSC780 Course
Navigating the Data Jungle SOSC481 Course
Negotiation and Mediation CONF780 Course
New Zealand Economy: Issues and Policies ECON680 Course
New Zealand Political Studies POLS580 Course
New Zealand Politics and Policy Making POLS683 Course
Pacific Epistemologies PACS880 Course
Pacific Epistemologies and Research Methodologies PACS881 Course
Pacific Research Application and Reflection: Discussing it and Doing it PACS882 Course
People Power: Having Your Say POLS480 Course
Police and Crime Prevention CRIM780 Course
Policing and Society CRIM680 Course
Policy Research and Evaluation POLS880 Course
Principles of Conflict Resolution CONF680 Course
Prisons and Punishment CRIM781 Course
Public Policy POLS682 Course
Refugees and Displaced Persons SOSC888 Course
Research & Analysis SOSC581 Course
Research Project PSYC782 Course
Social Institutions SOSC583 Course
Social Policy POLS881 Course
Social Research Design and Analysis SOSC884 Course
Social Thinking SOSC582 Course
Societies, Cultures and Practices SOSC683 Course
Special Topic in Human Rights SOSC803 Course
Sustainability Development SOSC100 Course
The Nature of Psychological Inquiry PSYC682 Course
Understanding Crime CRIM681 Course
Understanding Restorative Justice CRIM782 Course
War and Peace POLS681 Course

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