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Advanced Cakes & Pastry CULN504 Course
Advanced Culinary Events CULN795 Course
Advanced Culinary P& P 2 CULN503 Course
Advanced Culinary Practices and Principles I CULN502 Course
Advanced Culinary Techniques CULN515 Course
Advanced Hot and Cold Desserts CULN505 Course
Advanced Patisserie Practices and Principles PATS506 Course
Advanced Professional Desserts PATS503 Course
Advanced Professional Torten and Gateaux PATS504 Course
An Event Perspective EVNT602 Course
Applied Food and Beverage Management HOSP502 Course
Applied Food and Beverage Management HOSP501 Course
Applied Project CULN506 Course
Applied Project in Hospitality HOSP996 Course
Applied Project in Tourism TOUR996 Course
Applied Research Methods TOUR811 Course
Artisan Breads PATS501 Course
Asia and Tourism TOUR603 Course
Barista Beginner 210015 Course
Basic Cold Desserts PATS408 Course
Basic Hot Desserts PATS407 Course
Beverage Management HOSP504 Course
Beverage Management HOSP607 Course
Beverage Management - Restaurant Ready HOSP506 Course
Commercial Culinary Practice CULN511 Course
Commercial Production Kitchen CULN411 Course
Competitive Strategic Management for Hospitality Organisations HOSP713 Course
Conjoint Cooperative Education Project HOSP787 Course
Contemporary Cuisine in Aotearoa CULN602 Course
Contemporary Issues in Event Management EVNT702 Course
Contemporary Issues in Hospitality HOSP705 Course
Contemporary Issues in Hospitality Human Resource Management HOSP712 Course
Contemporary Issues in Travel and Tourism TOUR705 Course
Contemporary Kitchen Management CULN507 Course
Contemporary Kitchen Management CULN512 Course
Contemporary Topic in Hospitality HOSP801 Course
Contemporary Topics in Tourism TOUR806 Course
Cookery Practices and Principles 1 CULN401 Course
Cookery Practices and Principles II CULN402 Course
Cookery Practices and Principles III CULN403 Course
Critical Gastronomy GAST804 Course
Culinary Fundamentals CULN404 Course
Culinary Practices and Principles CULN406 Course
Culinary Values CULN601 Course
Culinary Work Integrated Learning CULN516 Course
Cultural Heritage Management TOUR601 Course
Customer Service and Interpersonal Skills TOUR505 Course
Directed Reading TOUR810 Course
Dissertation GAST997 Course
Eating History: Exploring Food and Hospitality in Aotearoa New Zealand HOSP608 Course
Ecotourism TOUR602 Course
Event Planning EVNT601 Course
Event Production EVNT701 Course
Exploring Tourism TOUR401 Course
Facilities Development and Design HOSP603 Course
Financial Management for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry HOSP711 Course
Financial Management in Hospitality: A Strategic Approach HOSP802 Course
Financial Operations for Hospitality and Tourism FINA401 Course
Food and Beverage Operations HOSP404 Course
Food and the Senses FOOD501 Course
Food Ethics and Sustainability CULN702 Course
Food, Culture and Society GAST805 Course
Foundation Breads PATS405 Course
Foundation Cakes PATS402 Course
Foundation Pastries PATS401 Course
Fundamentals of Patisserie CULN513 Course
Fundamentals of Patisserie CULN501 Course
Garde Manger Practices and Principles CULN405 Course
Gastronomic Tourism GAST602 Course
Gastronomy GAST601 Course
Global Food and Cultural Festivities GAST802 Course
Global Foods and Beverages GAST806 Course
Global Tourism TOUR605 Course
Hospitality Accounting and Finance FINA502 Course
Hospitality and Tourism Financial Management FINA707 Course
Hospitality and Tourism Special Topic Level 6 HOSP620 Course
Hospitality Career Development HOSP602 Course
Hospitality Employment Relations HOSP709 Course
Hospitality Entrepreneurship HOSP708 Course
Hospitality Human Resource Management HOSP604 Course
Hospitality Information Communication Technology HOSP505 Course
Hospitality Marketing Research HOSP803 Course
Hospitality Sales and Marketing HOSP703 Course
Hospitality Work Integrated Learning HOSP797 Course
Hospitality: An Applied Perspective HOSP403 Course
Hot Kitchen CULN409 Course
Hotel Management Simulation HOSP702 Course
Human Behaviour in Hospitality Organisations HOSP806 Course
International Fares and Ticketing TOUR507 Course
International Food and Beverage Management HOSP605 Course
International Spa Contemporary Issues TOUR607 Course
Introduction to Customer Service Management HOSP402 Course
Introduction To Event Management 210011 Course
Introduction to Event Management EVNT401 Course
Introduction to Hospitality, Tourism and Events HOSP401 Course
Introduction to Tourism TOUR501 Course
Keys to Success - Tourism TOUR001 Course
Larder CULN408 Course
Latte Art 210031 Course
Leadership and Ethics in Hospitality and Tourism HOSP807 Course
Leadership Principles, Perspectives and Practice MGMT721 Course
Licensed Controller Qualification 210016 Course
Management and Entrepreneurship in Tourism TOUR801 Course
Maori and Tourism in Aotearoa TOUR503 Course
MGAST Dissertation (0.25) Sub-Paper PT GAST903 Course
MGAST Dissertation (0.5) Sub-Paper FT GAST902 Course
MIHM Dissertation HOSP997 Course
MIHM Thesis HOSP999 Course
MIHM Thesis Sub-Paper FTime 219501 Course
MIHM Thesis Sub-Paper PT Semester 219503 Course
MIHM Thesis Sub-Paper PTime 219502 Course
MITM 120 Point Thesis TOUR999 Course
MITM Dissertation TOUR997 Course
Nutrition and Wellbeing CULN603 Course
Organisation and Human Behaviour Perspectives HOSP503 Course
Patisserie Practices and Principles CULN407 Course
Patisserie Related Studies PATS404 Course
Pattisserie CULN410 Course
PhD Hospitality Management Examination HSPMX55 Course
Politics, Power and Food GAST807 Course
Power, People and Profit: Contemporary Issues in Hospitality and Tourism Employment HOSP804 Course
Principles of Gastronomy GAST801 Course
Product Development TOUR506 Course
Professional Culinary Arts CULN510 Course
Professional Experience PATS406 Course
Professional Wine Studies HOSP701 Course
Professional Wine Studies for Hospitality Managers HOSP710 Course
Rooms Division Management HOSP606 Course
Semiotics of Gastronomy GAST803 Course
Service Management for Hospitality HOSP601 Course
Showpieces PATS505 Course
Sociology of Food SOSC701 Course
Spa Design and Management TOUR708 Course
Special Topic TOUR703 Course
Special Topic TOUR712 Course
Special Topic HOSP714 Course
Special Topic in Tourism I TOUR807 Course
Special Topic in Tourism II TOUR808 Course
Sponges, Gateaux and Torten PATS403 Course
Strategic Management in Hospitality HOSP805 Course
Strategic Perspectives for Hospitality and Tourism Organisations HOSP704 Course
Sugar and Chocolate Confectionery PATS502 Course
Sustainable Leadership in Hospitality, Tourism and Events TOUR812 Course
The Event Design Experience EVNT603 Course
The Professional Chef CULN514 Course
The South Pacific and Tourism TOUR805 Course
Tourism and Indigenous Cultures TOUR702 Course
Tourism and Sustainability TOUR609 Course
Tourism in Asia TOUR803 Course
Tourism in Coastal and Marine Environments TOUR802 Course
Tourism in the Information Age TOUR710 Course
Tourism Industry Operations TOUR504 Course
Tourism Planning and Development TOUR704 Course
Tourism Research TOUR707 Course
Tourism Work Integrated Learning TOUR797 Course
Tourist Behaviour TOUR706 Course
Tourist Experiences and Consumer Perspectives TOUR804 Course
Transportation Operations and Management TOUR608 Course
Travel and Tourism Distribution and Information Systems 215105 Course
Travel and Tourism Marketing TOUR606 Course
Travel Distribution Management TOUR604 Course
Travel Management and Entrepreneurship TOUR711 Course
Urban Tourism TOUR701 Course
Visitor Attractions and Activities TOUR502 Course
Wellness Tourism TOUR709 Course
World Geography TOUR510 Course

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